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Patient Support Services

Register as a Patient

Anyone living in El Paso County is eligible for Centro San Vicente services.  To register for services, the patient must bring proof of residence and insurance, if any.  Discounts are determined based on Federal Poverty Income Level guidelines. In order to continue receiving discounted services with Centro San Vicente, the patient is required to renew their registration/account card on an annual basis.

How to Reach Us

For any account or billing information/questions, please call (915) 859-7545 and ask for extensions:
Ext. 1218, ext. 1220, ext. 1236, or ext. 1258

San Elizario patients can call (915) 851-0999 and Opportunity Center (Homeless Clinic) patients can call (915) 351-8972 for additional information.

To Register or to Renew Membership, Please Provide:

  1. Proof of residence (current month’s utility bill)
  2. If no utility bill under your name, then a letter from the owner of the home where you live stating that you live there under their care and a utility bill with the owner’s name
  3. Rent receipt, current month (If no utility bill)
  4. Most current check stubs (one month’s worth)
  5. Insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, etc.)
  6. Centro San Vicente Account card (for membership renewal)

It is the responsibility of the patient to inform us of any income changes in order to maximize their discount.

Financial Services

We offer our clients several program options depending on income level and family size. Each of these financial programs has its own co-pay that will require payment prior to receiving medical services. If patients do not qualify for any of these programs they could be placed on a sliding-scale discount program. This discount program will also require a minimum amount co-pay prior to receiving medical services.
If any lab, x-ray, or pharmacy services are required during the course of a visit, additional fees and or co-pays will be required prior to receiving these services.

Medicaid, Medicare, and Insurances

We are participating providers with most Medicaid Managed Care Health Plans. Please ask the registration department if we participate in your plan. We also accept CHIP, Medicare and other Private Insurances.
All Medicare patients will be required to pay the 20% of total allowable charges that Medicare does not cover.
Centro San Vicente has a Medicaid Out-Stationed Eligibility Worker located at 8061 Alameda, El Paso, Texas 79915. The Registration Department Clerks may deem you as qualifying for such services during the registration process. If so, they will assist you in obtaining an interview with the Medicaid Eligibility Worker to see if you qualify for Medicaid benefits. For more information, contact the Eligibility Worker at (915) 859-7545, Extension 1223.

Payment Arrangements

No Patient will be refused services due to the inability to pay. Financial arrangements can be made with the Business Office for any unpaid balances.
If the patient is pregnant, payment arrangements with the Business Office must be made prior to their due date.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a member of our clinic, the patient must read and be aware of their rights and responsibilities as a client of Centro San Vicente. A copy of this document is provided to the patient in the registration packet.