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Children with Diabetes

Sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, this site has a searchable index lets you either browse through the topics or find a specific topic related to Type I diabetes.

With over 1,700 new cases of diabetes being diagnosed every single day, getting reliable information is very important. The mission of is to provide information that supports both professional diabetes care and well-informed self-care. screens the latest news and research on diabetes to keep you in control of the disease.

American Diabetes Association

The official website for the American Diabetes Association contains the latest research information, information on diabetes education programs, a calendar of local diabetes programs, and an interactive quiz to determine if you are at risk for contracting diabetes.

Diabetes Education Center

Presented by pharmacuetical corporation Eli Lilly, this site explains the basics of diabetes, the differences between the two types, and the function of insulin. Also included here are copies of their many brochures from the patient education program