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Spiritual Care

Addressing the spiritual needs of patients and their families can help them deal better with their illness. Centro San Vicente maintains a Spirituality Center as part of our commitment to holistic health care for our patients. The Spirituality Center is located within CSV’s clinic, making it easily accessible to patients and staff. This reverent, sacred space is designed to facilitate healing with areas for private reflection and prayer and sections for group gatherings. Guests of the Spirituality Center will also be able to listen to meditation cassettes, watch videos or read on spirituality.

The Spirituality Center will design workshops for patients and for providers, addressing spirituality and health care issues. It is a welcoming space, open to all searching for peace, healing, and comfort. Financial support to offset the cost of running the Center is greatly appreciated. Leadership donations will receive special recognition in the facility. The Scanlan Foundation has provided financial support for the construction of the Spirituality Center.